Why Do We Need Sex Dolls? Understanding the World of Sex Dolls

“Are sex dolls sexual toys or human-like companions?”
“Can they emotionally replace real humans?”
“Does their existence affect real-life intimate relationships?”

  • Sex dolls have evolved beyond just being sexual toys. They have woven themselves into the fabric of modern emotional and intimate landscapes.
  • While they are often met with skepticism and stigma, it’s essential to recognize their role in providing solace, fulfilling unmet desires, and addressing personal and psychological needs.
  • As society progresses, understanding and shedding preconceived judgments will pave the way for healthier conversations about intimacy and human connection.

Sex Dolls: Fake Body, True Love

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Q1: How would you define a sex doll?

  • A sex doll, also known as a love doll, is a highly realistic sexual toy primarily designed to provide sexual services. In the past, inflatable dolls were mentioned in various movies and reports, but with technological advancements and material evolution, sex dolls have emerged. People may seek more elaborate sexual fantasies, including visual and tactile stimulation, as well as psychological satisfaction, which has led to a demand for lifelike humanoid toys. A sex doll takes on a human-like form and is essentially a derivative of sexual toys.

Q2: Is labeling it as a sex doll too one-sided?

  • For users, the term “sex doll” carries a stigmatized connotation, as if owning one equates them to being perverse. Sometimes users don’t engage in sexual activities with it; they might dine or hug it. Calling it a “sex doll” seems derogatory, prompting users to seek more subtle and nuanced descriptors. In my opinion, such a perspective on sexuality is overly narrow. We need to broaden our understanding and definition of sexuality.

Q3: What is the difference between owning a sex doll and other sexual toys?

  • Users of sex dolls tend to have higher demands and a better understanding of their sexual satisfaction needs. They know what they want and take better care of their desires.

Q4: Could owning a sex doll be driven by a need for companionship and intimacy?

  • Having a sex doll can serve as a substitute and a source of satisfaction in real life, similar to aspects of romantic psychology, but it leans more toward possession and control over another person. The owner might have faced setbacks in real-life relationships, struggled to establish fulfilling connections, or have psychological needs that cannot be met in reality. Therefore, in a virtual world, they find fulfillment in these fantasies.
  • One distinctive feature of sex dolls is that they are compliant and unable to resist; the owner has control over the doll, which can resemble elements of BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism) fantasies. Some individuals may find it challenging to express their desires with a real partner and seek satisfaction through their interactions with a doll.
  • Of course, there are also users who adopt a perspective like, “Don’t talk to me about sex; I find it dirty. I just want something beautiful.” However, from our standpoint, sex isn’t dirty, and whether you choose to engage in it or not is entirely your personal decision.
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Q5: Can users perceive their dolls as girlfriends, wives, deceased spouses, or daughters? Could a doll potentially replace a real person emotionally?

  • Dolls cannot replace real people, but they can provide some emotional satisfaction, help heal wounds, address losses, and fulfill certain psychological desires.
  • Real human emotions involve feedback between individuals; I have feelings for you, and you have feelings for me. A lifelike doll, on the other hand, is incapable of providing emotional feedback, or the feedback it provides is merely a product of the user’s imagination.
  • For example, if I buy a dress for my daughter, she might react with indifference or enthusiasm and say, “Dad, I don’t like this dress.” But a doll can never provide such feedback.
  • Genuine emotions in humans have power and can lead to changes and impact. In real life, people have many areas of helplessness and inability. Imagined experiences can bring pleasure and create a safe zone for relaxation and play, but they remain within one’s own world and don’t reflect genuine external feedback.
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Q6: When people have real intimate relationships, why do they still need sex dolls?

  • Real intimate relationships involve equality and autonomy. Sex dolls can represent a desire for control within sexual relationships, as real people are less controllable.
  • Data surveys show that the majority of men continue to engage in masturbation even after marriage. When individuals and their partners cannot reach an agreement on sexual and emotional matters through negotiation, they may seek satisfaction through other means.

Q7: What psychological processes do women typically go through when they accept their partners owning a sex doll?

  • Many women may experience a psychological battle against their partners’ “mistress,” feeling defeated by the sex doll or thinking they have lost their allure. This can lead to feelings of frustration, although it is not necessary.
  • A sex doll is an external object, but it can serve as a mirror to help understand the emotional dynamics between partners. It can be used as a tool for communication to address why one partner feels the need for a sex doll and what issues have arisen in their emotional relationship.
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Q8: Do women not need sex dolls?

  • Typically, women have more sensitive and complex emotional and psychological needs, and they often perceive emotions and sexuality as intertwined. They may need someone to love them emotionally, which sex dolls may struggle to provide. Men’s sexual satisfaction tends to be relatively straightforward and direct. However, this varies depending on personal preferences, cultural upbringing, and lifestyle.
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Q9: How should society view the group of sex doll users?

  • Since it is a specific user group, others are likely to form certain stereotypes about them. Society, in general, has not been accepting of sex dolls, and many people perceive it as deviant.
  • Sex dolls are related to sexuality and are part of one’s privacy. To some extent, they fulfill people’s sexual needs and have their rightful place. If their use doesn’t negatively affect an individual’s life or work and doesn’t harm society, it should be left without interference. Ideally, society should be more friendly, understanding, and supportive, if possible.

“Sex doll users are not perverts; please grant them more understanding.”

“Human beings are inherently lonely. Lovers, friends, and family will eventually leave, but dolls will never die.”

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Are you still worried about what people will think of your love doll?
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