Return & Refund Policy

If you encounter any issues with refunds or returns, please refer to the following regulations to protect your rights!

  • We fully understand that changing one’s mind during shopping is common. If you wish to switch to another product or alter customization options, there’s no need for you to request a cancellation and place a new order.
  • Please contact us via email or phone, and we can directly update your order and calculate any price difference. Once any necessary refunds or additional charges are settled, we will proceed with your revised order.

Time Frames and Refund Percentages:

  • All orders are only available to be canceled within the first 24 hours. We begin processing orders within 24 hours of receiving them.
  • Once your order moves to production(custom-made orders) or delivery(in-stock orders), it can no longer be canceled. 
  • If you cancel beyond the allowed time, once the doll has entered production, we have to cover the costs to the factory. Please kindly understand.

Cancellation for Customers’ Personal Reasons:

  • Within 6 Hours: 93% refund
  • Within 24 Hours: 80% refund
  • For in-stock products that have been shipped, 24-hour cancellations are not available.
  • Please ensure your provided shipping details(apt. number, postal code, city, state/province, phone number, etc) are accurate. Orders returned due to address errors will incur a 20% handling fee and are not eligible for a refund.

Cancellation for Vendor’s Reasons:

  • If the existing order cannot proceed due to reasons like stock shortages or product discontinuation, and you’re certain you don’t want to switch to another product or accept our alternative solutions, we will refund your full amount (minus the refund processing fee charged by PayPal).
  • Every doll from MyDreamDoll undergoes a stringent quality check before leaving the factory. Upon receiving the package, please check the outer box and all items inside. If there is any package issue, please report it to us immediately.
  • ⚠️Please do not use or clean the doll or it would not be available to return or exchange.
  • If you notice any defects upon receipt, and the doll remains unused, please inform us within 24 hours. After verifying and confirming the images with the factory, if we determine there’s an inherent quality issue with the product, we can facilitate a return or exchange. However, we do not cover the return shipping costs.
  • The returned doll must be in brand-new, unused condition, and undamaged during the return shipping process; otherwise, it will affect resellation, and no refunds or exchanges will be granted.
  • Please note that we cannot replace dolls damaged due to personal mishandling. While our dolls are crafted with care, they aren’t indestructible. Proper cleaning and maintenance are vital.
  • The return policy applies only to products that have not been used or damaged by the buyer. We recommend taking an unboxing video as soon as you receive the package, allowing us to better confirm if there is a quality issue.
  • We do not cover damage caused by couriers. If you notice damage to the package box, please take photos immediately and contact us. We will assist you in filing disputes and claims with UPS, FedEx, or other freight carriers.
  • Minor imperfections are not considered damage and are not covered by our money-back guarantee. If you encounter small issues, please take photos and contact us for after-sales solutions. We will provide repair accessories, such as glue and color refills, along with an instructional video.
  • Order cancellations and refunds can only be processed if they meet our refund policy. In cases where cancellations arise due to personal reasons from the buyer or issues from the supplier, we will first communicate and reach a mutual agreement with you by email.
  • Before proceeding with the refund, please confirm the cancellation and the refund percentage by replying to our email.
  • After your confirmation, we will process the refund within 2-5 business days and provide you with proof of the refund.
  • When we agree on a cancellation or refund, it will be processed to the original payment method or your PayPal account within 7-10 business days.
  • If you haven’t received the refund after the specified timeframe, please kindly reach out to us for a refund reference number. Then, please consult with your bank or card issuer for further details. Please avoid filing a chargeback directly, as this can further delay the refund process.
  • ⚠️Please do not initiate PayPal disputes directly for a refund.
  • As a dedicated vendor, our top priority is ensuring our customers have an exceptional shopping experience. We are committed to standing by our products and services and providing reliable post-purchase support.
  • When problems occur, please do not hesitate to contact us for help or a solution. We strongly encourage you to reach out to us directly instead of initiating a dispute. This approach helps both parties avoid unnecessary costs, complications, and delays. Disputes can lead to extended refund times and additional processing fees. Direct communication with us can ensure a quicker, smoother resolution that caters to your needs.

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