Practical Tips! 7 Care Tips For Sex Dolls!

Features of Sex Dolls

    The sex dolls provided by integrate a plethora of advanced technologies and craftsmanship, offering an increasingly unique emotional vessel for many. The lifelike appearance of these dolls is credited to the special TPE or silicone materials used, which closely mimic the softness and tactile feel of human skin. A unique porous structure in the doll’s ‘skin’ allows it to ‘breathe,’ giving it a genuine warmth. Each detail of the doll, whether it’s the face or body, is meticulously sculpted and painted by makeup artists, aiming to deliver the best sex doll experience for users.

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Suggestions and Tips for Love Dolls

    To ensure a perfect interaction with the doll, here are some suggestions:

1. Protect Soft Skin:

The skin of sex dolls is designed to be exquisitely detailed and shiny. Hence, keep them away from fire and sharp objects to avoid scratches that affect their appearance. Also, TPE has a low melting point, which means it could deform or melt if exposed to heat.

2. No Deeply Colored Cloth:

Avoid contact with deeply colored items, such as ink, which may stain easily. This includes colorful clothes. Ideally, keep everything in contact with the doll white.

3. Do Not Overbend:

While sex dolls can be posed in various ways, ensure that you don’t bend them beyond human angles. Also, avoid using excessive force to avoid stretching the doll’s skin. Moreover, don’t maintain a particular pose for more than a week to prevent uneven pressure marks.

4. Careful Moving:

When moving the doll, avoid pulling its limbs or head or exerting force on one side only. Instead, embrace the doll or use a “princess carry” to move it.

5. Oilness of Dolls:

You may notice some oiliness on the surface of the sex doll. TPE dolls tend to be oilier than silicone ones. This is normal: on one hand, it helps avoid a plastic smell, and on the other, it maintains the material’s softness and prevents skin cracks.

6. No Water to the Device Port:

For dolls equipped with heating and sound features, be extremely careful when cleaning. It’s advised to wrap the openings with plastic wrap to prevent water from entering the doll, which could damage the circuits.

7. Anti-bacteria:

Sex dolls can help reduce the transmission of diseases to some extent, as TPE and silicone materials are not prone to bacterial attachment and are inherently hypoallergenic. However, given the inevitable physical contact with the doll, it’s best not to lend it out to others, just to be safe.

Good Care Increases Sex Doll’s Lifespan

    While sex dolls can cater to various psychological and physiological needs, like all products, they have a lifespan. They should be viewed as a form of comfort and not be overused to avoid reducing their physical lifespan and impacting their condition.

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