How Much Do You Know About Real Sex Dolls?

How-Much-Do-You-Know-About-Real-Sex-Dolls at MyDreamDoll

What is a Sex Doll?

Human-like Appearance:

  • A sex doll is a life-sized, human-shaped adult masturbation toy that provides users with pleasure during intimacy. Past sex dolls were often inflatable, hence commonly referred to as “inflatable dolls.” Starting from the 21st century, sex dolls, both in appearance and texture, are becoming increasingly lifelike.

Realistic Feel:

  • The skin texture of sex dolls is delicate and shines much like human skin, offering a realistic touch. Unlike the inflatable versions, these dolls are solid, primarily made of odorless, non-toxic silicone. Realistic love dolls boast an incredibly lifelike skin texture that’s non-toxic and feels layered, durable, and almost identical to human skin. These dolls are also dust-resistant and easy to clean. Compared to older inflatable dolls, real dolls have several advantages.

Flexible Positions:

  • The joints of sex dolls are made from high-polymer resin materials, combined with an internal mechanical framework. This allows them to adopt a variety of intimate positions, enhancing the user’s experience. You can adjust and pose a love doll however you please, treating it like a sensual, charming, beautiful, and considerate partner.

Advanced Features:

  • As the doll market grows, basic dolls no longer satisfy the needs of enthusiasts. Manufacturers are constantly introducing and updating advanced features, such as voice functions, heating, automated oral actions, automated vagina suction, waist and hip rotation, and more. Recently, intelligent love dolls have emerged. These smart dolls can engage in simple conversations, have body warmth, blink, and have slight mouth movements. They are also known as robot dolls, marking a leap from traditional dolls and bringing intelligence and digital integration.

What Are the Types of Love Dolls?

  • Currently, there are primarily two materials for full-sized adult dolls on the market: TPE and silicone. Based on these materials, dolls can be divided into three categories: full TPE dolls, full silicone dolls, and dolls with silicone heads and TPE bodies.
  • Let’s discuss the pros, cons, and price ranges for each:

   Full TPE Dolls:

  • The detailing isn’t as realistic as silicone, but the feel is softer, much like human skin. They can’t withstand temperatures above 200°C or strong acids and alkalis. Due to the cheaper raw material and simpler thermal processing during production, these dolls are relatively affordable, typically priced between $900-$2000.

   Silicone Head with TPE Body:

  • For those on a budget but still seeking better aesthetics, this combination is recommended. It offers the realism of a silicone head with the softness of a TPE body, usually priced between $1300-$2500.

   Full Silicone Dolls:

  • The detailing is the most realistic, making it the closest to human likeness besides wax figures. Compared to TPE, they’re a bit harder but can withstand high temperatures, strong acids, and alkalis. Due to pricier raw materials and the need for vulcanization during production, these dolls are more expensive, generally ranging from $1800-$3000. Higher-end models can go up to $3000-$6000.

👀  It’s worth noting that only silicone heads can have implanted hair; TPE heads generally can’t. TPE material is too soft to securely anchor hair, resulting in it falling out quite quickly.

🆚  For a detailed comparison between TPE and silicone dolls, you can refer to another blog we post. In summary, both have their pros and cons; it depends on individual preferences.

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How Long Can a Real Doll Last?

  • Many people who purchase real dolls do so primarily as adult toys. Consequently, one of the first considerations they often have is about the longevity of the product. The lifespan of a love doll largely depends on the level of care and maintenance it receives.

   Personal Care:

  • This involves not subjecting the doll to extreme movements, avoiding forcefully twisting its joints, and ensuring it doesn’t come into contact with sharp objects.

   Proper Maintenance:

  • Regular applying drying powder helps maintain the doll’s freshness and reduces friction between the doll, the human body, and other objects. It’s also crucial to keep the doll away from direct sunlight and high temperatures, which could accelerate aging. It’s advisable to avoid dressing the doll in dark-colored clothing that might fade. When not in use, the doll should be laid flat.

💖 With proper care and handling as mentioned above, the doll can last between three to five years without any issues. However, given the allure of these dolls, once you own one created to your preferences, you might be tempted to get a second, a third, and so on. The constantly evolving designs and technological advancements in the market cater effectively to the demands of real doll enthusiasts.

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