Best Price Guarantee & Price Match

If the following conditions are met, we promise to refund the difference unconditionally.

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Best Price Guarantee

  • stands by our Buyer Protection Guarantee, ensuring that you receive only the highest quality sex doll in perfect condition. We do not engage in the practice of marking up prices only to discount them later.
  • Our pricing is transparent, honest, and competitive. If you find the same item on another authorized website at a lower price within 48 hours of your purchase, we promise to refund 100% of the price difference.

Price Match

  • Competitor’s prices must be publicly displayed on their website and available to all customers.
  • We do not price match counterfeit, replica, or inferior black-market dolls, including those sold on platforms like AliExpress, Alibaba, eBay, etc.
  • We only match prices for identical products, including the same size, model, quantity, brand, and color, along with any upgrades, customizations, or extra offers. (Please provide screenshots for verification).
  • The offer must come with identical conditions of sale, delivery, and service that we provide.
  • Clearance, closeout, liquidation, special hour/flash/limited quantity offers listed by other retailers are not valid for price matching.
  • We do not match prices for products that you have already purchased.

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